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The Garden Sanctuary

The Situation may be urgent, but

We Are Not Alone

Shared Values ~ Shared pursuits

Wild Ones

Home Grown National Park

Louisiana Master Naturalists

Master Naturalists of Greater Baton Rouge

Louisiana Native Plant Society

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Choose to create and you thwart entropy; for random destruction is creation where the end product is chaos.

When we fail to honor our human need for creation with a purposeful direction we are at the mercy of whim.

When we direct our human impulse to affect change into an act of creation, we channel the energy and guide not only the process but have the joy of an end product.


What creative processes are hiding in your life in plain sight?

Be Inspired

Useful ~ beauty with a purpose

Meaningful– Visual Reminders

Mindful– visual fascinations


Make time to be playful

for whimsy invites magic.

J, Resilient Chameleon

While I long ago gave up marketing my own art, some of what I create is for sale. This link opens a new page about the studio and other creative endeavors. Find Your Happy

Beyond Here and Now

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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Perspicacious Eye ; Seeing things more deeply from many different perspectives

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Resilient Chameleon

I used to write a lot about how I learned to love my ADHD creative chaotic brain until I realized that part of managing the aspect of my brain that does not understand human limitations meant I needed to accept that I could not do “all the wonderful things!” my brain believed that I could. My self awareness tells me that no matter if I point out how I am managing, my lived experience tells the tale quite clearly. I honor my very, very busy brain and know I will always be wanting to bite off more than I can chew. I always see life through the lens of neurodiversity. It is indeed my neurodiversity to which I owe my ability to adapt and to be resilient.