Cycles of destruction and renewal are eternal. Happening in unimaginably large scale and imperceptibly small, all life shares in this process; humans are not excluded. `

Along my journey there have been times when I have fallen so deeply as to believe that if I ever hit bottom I would certainly be pulverised into dust on impact. This “I” is not the sum of everything that t makes me, me. That which I am is also eternal.

Like the sun in our sky. my soul essence is always there, even if it is obscured from view. Should the sun go supernova, it still would not be gone.

This image shows the remains of a neutron star; matter transforms.

A composite image of the supernova 1E0102.2-7219 contains X-rays from Chandra (blue and purple), visible light data from VLT’s MUSE instrument (bright red), and additional data from Hubble (dark red and green). A neutron star, the ultra dense core of a massive star that collapses and undergoes a supernova explosion, is found at its center.

The Archetype named for transformation of matter, transmutation, is the Alchemist. The attributes assigned to this archetype provide the meaning and means to use the power to re-form what matters from what remains from the dust of dreams.

Transformation is inevitable, as nothing is static. Resilience is the ability to rise from the dust of our defeats. We can do it all on our own, or with the wisdom to be found in the patterns of the universe.

Along with the Alchemist, we have the models of mastering transformation in the Goddess archetype of Persephone, the mystical personifications of the fire bird and phoenix and thousands of metaphors to chose from in the processes of nature itself.

In my garden, I have plants that survive extremities of neglect and adversity. They can loose all their leaves and their roots can look shriveled or rotted. I have often given up on them and moved on. I have replanted other plants in the soil I thought was empty to not notice the resurgence of growth until I see flowers. Some plants come back stronger than they ever were before the defeat.

Not all plants survive treacherous treatment or adverse conditions. Typically it is because they are not in environments their genetic programming “understands”.

Like people some plants need a little bit of help in the form of support, protection or nurturing or simply a sanctuary where they are welcome to grow in any way they can manage without being poked and prodded.

The Alchemical Magician Archetype in me is called to create this space and provide the signposts, the diagrams required to navigate the transformations, and model the means to survive the crucible and come out whole again and again.

I am the resilient chameleon guide who by making the choice to change myself and adapt, understand the process both by what to expect and how to accept the challenges and missteps along the way, I have fallen far and come back again and again. I will continue to cycle through this process for all of my earthly life and my soul shall travel onwards after that.


Published by J Kharey; Resilient Chameleon

I am The Resilient Chameleon. Mastering self-adaptation, reinvention and transformation, trying to fit my vast multi-passionate psyche into society's too small box, I missed something intrinsically important, the only truth we can live is our own. The only true path we can follow is the one our own soul knows. Insatiably curious, never content to not understand a life lived in paradoxes and consistently inconsistent, mine is not the sterile landscape; I find order in the chaos of wild plantings, patterns creating harmony, awe in the sacredness, the spice of surprise and the equanimity of synchronicity. In this Sanctuary you have many choices. Come join me on my journey and walk beside me for a while, explore with the eyes of a different perspective, or travel your own path. Together we can plant and nurture the seeds that allow our souls to flower. It is never too late to bloom.

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