Bees don’t make a bee line in my garden, they meander seemingly randomly.

The bumble bees have been appreciating the horse mint (spotted bee balm) voraciously all summer. It’s finishing up blossoming now and concentrating on making seed.

Today the bees were competing with the butterflies. How comical for a giant swallowtail to halt mid landing because a bee was already there.

What the bees revealed today was a metaphor for how my brain is these days. My thoughts and ideas meander in a seemingly random way, spending longer on favorite flowers and not giving way until I’m ready.


Published by J Kharey; Resilient Chameleon

I am The Resilient Chameleon. Mastering self-adaptation, reinvention and transformation, trying to fit my vast multi-passionate psyche into society's too small box, I missed something intrinsically important, the only truth we can live is our own. The only true path we can follow is the one our own soul knows. Insatiably curious, never content to not understand a life lived in paradoxes and consistently inconsistent, mine is not the sterile landscape; I find order in the chaos of wild plantings, patterns creating harmony, awe in the sacredness, the spice of surprise and the equanimity of synchronicity. In this Sanctuary you have many choices. Come join me on my journey and walk beside me for a while, explore with the eyes of a different perspective, or travel your own path. Together we can plant and nurture the seeds that allow our souls to flower. It is never too late to bloom.

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