Janine Kharey

Resilient Chameleon

A Master of self-adaptation, difficult to define. Paradoxical.

A life long curious observer and seeker.

A degree in Fine Art, time as a professional illustrator, years spent working in a public library as a librarian, an alternative certification to teach, A mother of two engineers, a 15 year career teacher, attaining a gold level certified Native plant habitat, Louisiana Master Naturalist, recently beginning a local seedling chapter of Wild Ones, all while disabled with Psoriatic Arthritis and other disabling conditions, this list does not begin to define the depth of what this insatiable seeker of knowledge has spent a lifetime collecting.

In my 50’s I now have the time to create the life I want. That life involves sharing what I learn. I love figuring things out and making connections. Taking things that do not appear worth much alone and making them into something that is more than the sum of their parts. Most of all I love helping others uncover these hidden strengths and talents.

I needed a place to integrate everything about who I am. A space where I can can nurture my own growth and a sanctuary where there is safety to be wholly myself. I am opening my space and inviting others who might benefit from my ability to put it all together.

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