Labyrinth within the labyrinth

There are no shortcuts Limited physical resources and impulsive behaviors that are more often rewarded complement each other surprisingly well. It definitely feels like I am getting away with something when I spontaneously follow an inspiration and hours later see everything pull together into often quite useful and clever outcomes. Ingenuity is a reward inContinue reading “Labyrinth within the labyrinth”

The Cacophony of Silence

Once I had a blog about my paradoxical life. Each post had a title in seeming opposition. Paradoxes are born at the conjunction where the supermassive world I inhabit in my mind meets an ever expanding universe of so called reality. Perhaps that explains being currently drawn to the systems of belief based on theContinue reading “The Cacophony of Silence”

Dormancy and Other Necessities

Nature’s bounty in late summer and early autumn in fields and gardens are the seeds. The hope of renewal is often wrapped in cleverly designed packages. Each design not only aids the dispersion of each seed, but holds the seeds in suspended potential. As any gardener who has plants and trees that attract birds andContinue reading “Dormancy and Other Necessities”

Picturing a Well-lived Life

Consistently inconsistent. As sand endlessly rearranges under the relentless rhythm of moon driven waves, shift is driven by forces beyond perception. Meanings Shift; flowing together and diverging. Well (noun) Well (verb) Well (adverb) Life Sustaining water bubbles up and flows from source. To well up. Competency. To do well. Healthy and vigorous. To be well.Continue reading “Picturing a Well-lived Life”

Glory in the Rain

Bleak skies. sun in hiding. A deluge I despair. The west coast is parched and burning here I fear the rain. Complicated convolutions convolvulus binds and bends Blue beauty only lasts (Well into the day) While Bright sun held at bay The mind can be incredibly protective. early warning systems hell bent on survival aren’tContinue reading “Glory in the Rain”

Self Care ; personal sanctuaries

It’s a privilege to feel safe. More people everyday comprehend this privilege as their safety becomes threatened. Those who were born into minorities; visibly and invisibly “not like” those who wield power, hold this sense of insecurity in their bones. Some people learn ways to protect their tender parts that are varying degrees of healthy.Continue reading “Self Care ; personal sanctuaries”


Cycles of destruction and renewal are eternal. Happening in unimaginably large scale and imperceptibly small, all life shares in this process; humans are not excluded. ` Along my journey there have been times when I have fallen so deeply as to believe that if I ever hit bottom I would certainly be pulverised into dustContinue reading “Resilience”