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Meandering the Garden

Photo Journal of life in the garden. These posts include commentary.

Natural Concerns

All the Info you never knew you would love to know about plants that serve uses for wildlife.

Photo Journal with narrative and links to responsible stewardship of biodiversity as well as often exhaustive descriptions of the wildlife uses of plants in my habitat.


Photo journal of places that have names

Meaningful Creation

Art with a purpose

What Makes you Happy? Share Joy

Guest Content and links

Beneficent Words

Words and Art; The art of Words

Photo Galleries

Visual Retreat ( Password Protected)

I love to share my photos, but too many people believe public is the same as free to use anyway they want. Acquiring the passwords means you agree to honor my expectations.

Metaphysical Matters

Digging deeper.

From the nature of Belief to beliefs based in nature it is not hard finding meaning in a garden.

Archetypal Entities

Patterns of the Universe, Cycles of Life, the Interconnected Nature of all Things
Maker Space

Inspired ideas and odd things I get up to.


Books, Podcasts, Names, Places, things I brought back from adventures down the google hole.

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