Biodiversity Stewardship: A responsible place in the web of life.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Planning and Plantings in the Garden Sanctuary; how they fit in the wider web of biodiversity stewardship.


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Doug Tallamy- Bringing Nature Home

Not all those who wander are lost.


Once upon a time I created a club for elementary students I called Earth Watch. My aim was to inspire children to look around and understand the ecosystem that surrounded them.

I hoped to spark their curiosity. For me it was hard not to wonder about the different wildflowers that grew in the cracks of concrete and the butterflies that might land on my skin, I found myself needing more incentive to get the kids out of their narrow awareness.

The importance of relevancy is one of the keys to engaging students; they always needed to know what was “in it for them”. Because of the age of my students I knew that they were just beginning the often painful process of wanting to establish their identities as capable and separate from their parents. I used to often preface my informational talks with “Your parents likely don’t know this so you can be the one to explain it to them”.

Another tool was to get them imagining themselves in their daily lives using the information I was about to share. I mentioned things they might see on a drive through town that they could entertain themselves in the constant slow traffic. The life support system of biodiversity in the vacant lots grown over with waves of goldenrod and ironweed that put on such a show in the fall became the means to show off their relevant knowledge. Especially the fact that goldenrod is not responsible for the fall allergies in all but a very few, but the ragweed that blooms at the same time absolutely is.

This page and these links are meant to be a continuation of that kind of relevant to my environment information.

From the native plants that I grow and their place in the biodiversity of my garden sanctuary, to the resources to discover more about particular ecosystems and the flora that sustains them, as well as the places we have visited where this stewardship of biodiversity is supported.

Perhaps one day, I will have contributions from others who work to study, support and maintain biodiversity.

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