Where to begin? Anywhere I can

AFTER IDA Just because progress is slow doesn’t mean it’s not challenging I made a list last night of things that needed doing most urgently outside considering the parameters. Those parameters include anything that will not wait – like the packets of seeds that got soaked in water when their bag being kept cold wasn’tContinue reading “Where to begin? Anywhere I can”

Slow Is Still Moving

Part One -Prologue Multiple Disabilities. Ugh. Multiple INVISIBLE disabilities. Multiple Disabilities is the name of the skeleton in my closet, that thing ones shoves back into the dark. Not forgotten, never that, it reeks of dank despair. It’s a cloak that should you wrap it round your shoulders it will weight down every step youContinue reading “Slow Is Still Moving”


Cycles of destruction and renewal are eternal. Happening in unimaginably large scale and imperceptibly small, all life shares in this process; humans are not excluded. ` Along my journey there have been times when I have fallen so deeply as to believe that if I ever hit bottom I would certainly be pulverised into dustContinue reading “Resilience”